How to Use Myochsner

How to Use MyOchsner? 

Are you a busy person, hardly getting any time to concern about your health? If yes, then this myOchsner is the best app for you. Here you don’t have to worry about upcoming appointments and other things regarding follow up check-ups. Watch the tutorial videos from the official website to enable the app to do their task. Some of the essential features are mentioned below. Go through them to get some idea about the features of the app.

Steps to Use MyOchsner? 

There are several features and various uses in this app. If you want to utilize and get the benefits of this app, download it just now. Get started! It will behave as your caretaker and notify you from time to time. It is a unique app with inbuilt monitoring technology.

Moreover, the worries regarding appointments will vanish sooner. This is because now you can interact with your doctors online. Isn’t that a great time saver too! Let us know more about its features in detail. 

  • Schedule and View Appointments. Now you can select a preferred physician and fix your appointment date according to your schedule. You have to mention your reason and Health issues you are facing.
  • Cancel Appointment. You can also cancel an appointment if you can’t attend it for your reasons. You just have to tap ‘Cancel Appointment’ in the app. However, you have to give reasons for canceling your appointment. 
  • You are sending a Message to Your Provider.  It is straightforward. Simply select a provider and enter a subject and send the message.
  • View and Refill Your Medication. Running out of medicine? Select a provider, enter the subject( medical demand), and send the message. They will drop your prescription to your doorsteps. 
  • Here you can Get on Waitlist to be Notified of an Earlier Appointment.
  • Tap and View Allergies, Immunizations, and Health Issues directly. 
  • View Test Results and Ask Questions from experts to know in and out of your report.
  • View and Pay Your Bill at one touch from your phone.

Hopefully, it is clear on how to use MyOchsner as of now. In case of any query, do let us know in the comment section below. We try to respond as soon as possible and solve your issue.

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